Keep Calm and Swag On

Keep Calm and Swag On


We like to talk about the cool things our clients are doing with swag (promotional products). Today, however, we want to give you a heads-up about something incredibly cool we are doing to help you find the right swag. The stuff that's going to catch people's eyes and get you on their radar. Meet our latest innovation...


SwagExpert.com is not like any other site. Taking insight, experience and creativity from ROBYN's 20+ years in the industry and combining it with cutting edge technology, SwagExpert not only shows you the best products available, but also shows you how to use them effectively. That's what makes us the SwagExpert

The official launch of SwagExpert.com is still a couple months away, but we want to give you a taste of the goodness that’s coming now. So check it out… refer some friends… and get some killer swag! If it’s from ROBYN, you know it’s going to be good.

Speaking of good... We have some more fantastic news to share. Last month, at the Promotional Products Association International Expo, ROBYN Promotions was recognized with not one, but TWO international awards! We received a Gold Pyramid Award for our work on the AMAOKC Marketini Campaign and a Silver Technology Award for our Swag or Spam video. 


That's all the chest-thumping we're going to do here. You can read the whole story on our "High 5" page. The 2013 Marketini campaign planning is in full force, though, so get ready for another "stellar" invitation to hit your mailbox. If you aren't already on our list, now is the time sign up!