Kitting: Another Value-Added Service

Kitting: Another Value-Added Service

Put the yarn away, Ethel. We’re not talking about making blankets here!

Kitting is one of the most popular services ROBYN offers to clients, but what is it? Put simply, kitting is combining two or more items together into a manageable package. For instance, it can be as simple as inserting pens with your logo into branded folios so the set is ready to go when you receive your order. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though!

ROBYN has worked on assembly projects that have included over 275,000 touches (we count a touch as each time a member of our assembly team touches a component of the final piece). A great example of this is the Express Services “12 Days of Christmas” campaign.

For this project, the ROBYN sourcing genies found branded items that matched the things in the popular carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. The assembly team took bagged each item with its own custom card, then combined all 12 items into a package and sent 5,000 of these “packages” to Express offices across the United States. Representatives from these offices then took an item to their clients and prospects each day for 12 days. Talk about a great reason to see a prospect every day for two and a half weeks!

Sales kits have been another type of kitting project that is very popular. One client had the ROBYN assembly team take plastic hanging file boxes (with their logo on it) and insert tabbed dividers and folders filled with every type of literature (forms, catalogs, guides, etc.) a sales rep might need in the field. The kit also included notepads, pens, staplers and even a few promotional items to give away. The kits are warehoused at ROBYN and can be ordered by the reps through their online company store.

The ROBYN online company store solution can also be configured to allow users to create their own custom kits. A very simple example might be letting the user choose which kind of candy a travel mug is filled with.

From adding a custom touch like this to sales meeting materials to assembling all the items needed to open a new location, kitting is an economical way for companies save time and money by allowing you to focus on mission critical objectives while we take care of these details. Plus, this helps you stand out from the competition. And, ROBYN Promotions is all about helping you stand out!