Man Up!

Man Up!

While the men’s magazines at the checkout stand scream “Great Abs in 15 Minutes” and “7 Ways to Keep Things Hot”, over a million unique visitors each month enjoy the nuggets of wisdom, tips and good ol’ common sense that are served daily on The Art of Manliness.

 The Art of Manliness

Instead of articles about the latest fad diet, The Art of Manliness gives its readers examples of what honorable, well-rounded men do, which helps to develop better husbands, fathers and brothers. With blog posts ranging from How to Give a Manly Handshake to The Importance of Roughhousing With Your Kids, the website advises on an assortment of manly skills, which has developed a community of fans of both genders. The site has over 1 million unique visitors every month!  

“For the past few years, we’ve sold various Art of Manliness branded products from our site,” said Brett McKay, owner of AoM. “Unfortunately, the shopping experience was horrible for our fans. If they wanted a t-shirt, we sent them to one site; if they wanted posters, they had to use another shopping cart. It was normal for a customer to enter credit card information three different times during one shopping experience!”

And, because Brett handled the fulfillment of some of the products himself, there was another BIG problem. “I was often dedicating two business days to mailing stuff instead of focusing my energy on my strengths, which is writing,” said Brett. “I knew if I wanted to expand my online store, I would have to make some changes.”

The Art of Manlines store

“That’s where ROBYN Promotions came in,” said Brett. “They created a one-stop shopping experience for my customers and have taken over the fulfillment and shipping. They take care of my fans better than I could ever do.”

With the launch of the new Art of Manliness Store, Brett has found a little more time to look for products his audience has been requesting for years, such as pocketknives, leather journals and other manly accouterments. Of course, the focus of the site is still to help men hone their skills, but providing them the right tools for the job is the first step to getting it done!