Managing Branding Guidelines with a Company Store

Managing Branding Guidelines with a Company Store

Often times, managing how your brand is used and abused by your internal teams can be like herding cats. While one office wants to change the color of the logo to match their local sports team, another location wants to separate the elements because “it looks cool like that.” It’s no fun being the logo police. We get that. Here’s how a company store can help you enforce Brand Compliance (without making you the bad guy!).

For many of our clients, their online branded merchandise store is used to maintain the company branding guidelines. By having one central hub for every branch office, franchise or outside sales rep to visit for branded collateral, you are able to control not only the products, but also the colors, size of the logo and authorized campaigns. Perhaps even more importantly, though, you can prevent a rogue office from using a competitor’s color or a questionable item with the company logo on it.

While this type of brand control is useful on a regular basis, just imagine how effective it is during mergers, acquisitions or when the company is re-branding. ROBYN has worked with companies in a variety of situations that required non-disclosure agreements and the subtle elimination of existing stock while developing products that are 100% in compliance once the new arrangement is announced.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your branded merchandise program can’t offer the users options. For instance, you may choose to feature a Nike Dri-Fit sport shirt in three different colors with a choice of logo style and position.

The company store can even be used to establish guidelines for apparel for casual days, tradeshows or company-sponsored events by including these details in the product description or by creating specific categories on the website for each classification of branded shirt. Clothes are just the beginning, though. The ROBYN Company Store Solution can also manage brochures, stationery, business cards and customizable flyers… to your standards!

Your online company store… It’s here to protect and serve!