Managing Inventory with a Company Store

Managing Inventory with a Company Store


Managing thousands of items of inventory for dozens of company store clients requires ninja-like skills. Fortunately for our clients, ROBYN has Kendall Williams on the job. “I receive everything that comes in and assign item numbers,” says Kendall, “and I know where everything is.”

Keeping track of two warehouses full of stock is not a simple memory game, though. ROBYN employs a variety of techniques to manage the products so everyone, including the client, knows exactly what is on-hand and what needs to be ordered.

· Threshold Reports – A weekly report of items that are running low on stock and may need to be reordered.
· Usage Reports – A weekly report that shows who ordered items from each company store.
· Inventory Reports – ROBYN runs inventory reports on a regular basis depending on the size and volume of the store. The bigger (and busier) the store is, the more frequently we run this report.
· Custom Reports – Clients have specific needs and ROBYN creates custom reports to accommodate each of them.
· Cycle Counting – The best way to manage inventory is by physically counting the entire inventory on a cyclical schedule instead of waiting until the end of the year to do it. Products that move quickly are counted more often than slower moving items, but everything is checked several times throughout the year. This way, any error or discrepancy is caught before a problem arises. When ROBYN’s clients receive an Inventory Report, they know the numbers are accurate and there will not be any unpleasant surprises when they need to order their merchandise.

“Sometimes things don’t match and it’s my job to know why,” Kendall said. “It might be that something was damaged in transit or an item was returned. There are lots of variables in shipping that can affect inventory. That’s why it’s so important that we cycle count inventory frequently.”

Many clients never work directly with Kendall and the warehouse team, however, there are a few who do. “Some clients like to come straight to me to ask questions about stock, which is great. We just want to make sure everyone is happy,” said Kendall.

While the whole world gets to see the fun, smart, creative campaigns ROBYN helps its clients create, without the robust internal systems we have in place, none of it would be possible. And, for our clients, managing their inventory accurately is at the top of the list!

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