Managing Production Comes Down to Relationships

Managing Production Comes Down to Relationships

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ROBYN Promotions has access to over 700,000 products that are produced by thousands of suppliers both domestically and overseas… How on Earth do orders make it from our clients’ desks, through multiple systems and back to their dock exactly the way they are supposed to be?

“It all comes down to relationships,” says Becky Shultz, Production Manager at ROBYN. “We use many of the same suppliers over and over because they take care of us and they work to make things right… Just like we do for our customers.”

While price is certainly a factor in picking the right vendor for a project, service is even more important. “Sometimes things go wrong,” says Becky. “The way a vendor handles the problem is critical to us.” ROBYN offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their clients and looks for vendor-partners who feel the same way.

And, by building relationships with suppliers, ROBYN is able to build stronger ties with clients by offering the best pricing, waiving some charges and expediting orders when its necessary.

“Our number one mandate from Bobby has always been ‘Make sure our customer is taken care of,’ and that’s what we do,” said Becky. “Our customers don’t know – and don’t care – who the supplier is. They placed their order with us and they expect us to deliver the right product with the right imprint at the right time… every time.”

Handling thousands of orders each year and making sure each and every one is being produced correctly takes a tremendous amount of focus and attention to detail. ROBYN is fortunate to having Becky and her dedicated team working with our suppliers to ensure each order is right!