Managing Shipping Costs for a Branded Merch Store

Managing Shipping Costs for a Branded Merch Store

managing shipping costs

A company store provides companies with an efficient way to manage their branded merchandise, marketing collateral, forms, etc. From managing inventory to fulfilling orders, the branded e-store serves many purposes. However, these products are useless if they are not shipped to the end-users in a timely manner. But who pays for this shipping? The ROBYN Company Store Solution offers a variety of options to best fit our clients’ needs.

  • The Online Retailer Model – Virtually everyone has ordered something from an online retailer and they understand that shipping costs are in addition to the price of the item they ordered.

  • Shipping Included – Some stores include the cost of shipping in the price of the items listed on the store. While this does make it easier for visitors to estimate the total price for the items they are ordering, the higher listed price might deter an individual from ordering the products (ie – a $15 shirt with $7 shipping included in the price makes it a $22).

  • Free Shipping – Many of our stores absorb 100% of the cost of shipping to encourage their employees to purchase company apparel and promo items. It is a small investment in expanding the brand (and it makes employees very happy!).

  • Reduced Shipping Cost – It is also possible for a company to set a flat fee for shipping on their store and then pay the rest themselves (ie – that $15 shirt would only be charged $3 for shipping while the company paid $4 of the shipping cost).

  • Consolidated Orders – For franchises and branch offices, one of the most cost-effective ways to order products from the company store is to consolidate orders. Instead of ordering 100 pens on Monday, three different forms on Wednesday and 25 coffee mugs on Friday, all the items are ordered on Friday so our distribution center is able to pack things together and reduce the total cost of shipping the items.

  • Bundled Items – Some things just go together. For instance, the ROBYN assembly team has put together bundles of items for clients such as a padfolio, a pen and a flash drive in one package. When a salesperson comes to the store to order a client gift, they can select this bundle and pay one low shipping rate.

  • Minimum Quantities – Rather than offering small items (ie – pens, mousepads, etc.) as individual items, some of our clients require minimum quantities to order, which keeps shipping rates low per item.

Being able to offer so many options (and customizing them even further to match our clients’ unique needs) is what makes the ROBYN Company Store Solution a leader in the branded merch store business… and that’s why we never stop innovating! Check out some more ways to design a store that works for you.