Managing Your Branded Marketing Products

Managing Your Branded Marketing Products

Today’s marketers are smart, forward-thinking problem-solvers who have a firm grasp of how to manage your brand and its digital properties. From creating compelling blog posts and eye-catching slide presentations to interacting with clients and prospects in all the right social media channels, these professionals are adept at making real magic happen for your brand. The last thing you want to do is saddle them with the task of managing your physical assets, too!

However, one cannot underestimate the importance of your physical marketing collateral. From business cards, stationery and envelopes to catalogs, brochures and branded give-away items, you need to have these items ready to go at a moment’s notice. Somebody has to it.

Good news. Somebody does!

The ROBYN Company Store Solution is a feature-rich platform that makes ordering, managing and shipping your brand’s physical assets a hassle-free process. With several standard packages sized to meet your needs – and more add-on features than any other provider – ROBYN is truly a one-stop shop for managing your marketing supplies.



Branded Apparel – Whether it’s six logoed golf shirts for a golf outing in Long Beach or 6,000 printed t-shirts for a tradeshow in Chicago, you will always know exactly how many you have on hand and how quickly they can be where you need them.


Company Literature – Catalogs, brochures, information sheets, business cards, sales kits, tradeshow handouts… There are literally thousands of different types of printed pieces companies might use in their marketing efforts. We have the space to store all your branded merchandise, the technology to manage the inventory and the systems to ship them where you need them… when you need them.


Templated Print Ads – What about when one of your remote offices needs an ad to run in the local paper… by 3:00 TODAY?! One of the most cutting-edge features of the ROBYN branded merchandise store is the online ad-builder. With pre-determined sizes, layouts and images approved by your marketing department, your employees in the field can create customized, high-resolution art files with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Swag – We have it. And we can help you get it (we are the SwagExpert.com, after all!). Need a couple of grills with your logo on them for a client’s company cookout? No problem. What about 5,000 logoed keychain pocket knives (thank you, TSA!) for your sales force to give out? You bet. Our seasoned team of experts help you find the perfect promotional products to meet your needs, whether it’s for a one-time give-away or an ongoing campaign.


Tradeshow Materials – Sure, we can manage all your posters, literature, logoed give-away items and marketing supplies, but we can also store and ship your tradeshow booths, too. Our experienced shipping department knows the ins and outs of getting your packages to even the most remote locations for any kind of special event.

You hired your marketing team to create more sales opportunities for your brand, so let them. ROBYN provides an affordable way for your team to easily manage your brand’s marketing products… via the web… at any time, day or night. Now, that’s smart marketing!