Marketing Fuel for YOU!

Marketing Fuel for YOU!

When it comes to keeping up-to-date on smart marketing trends and practices, one would be hard-pressed to find a better resource than MarketingProfs. From their daily newsletters, webinars and live events, they inform over 500,000 of the best marketing minds around the world every single day. What’s more, the Basic Membership is FREE! Check it out. You’ll love it.


It’s easy to get hooked on the ‘Profs (they’re that good!). So, you might want to step up to the PRO membership, which gives you a whole extra level of tools, reports, articles, seminars… and discounts on all kinds of cool things. Plus, when PRO members renew their memberships, they get some killer swag that just might entice them to do their own little “happy dance”. (Full disclosure - Michael submitted that video in anticipation of the Marketing Fuel mug. If that's not a fan of the brand, what is?!)

 Marketing Fuel

“People tend to see MarketingProfs as an online company only,” says Nicole Rodriguez, marketing manager for PRO memberships. “But we’re real people on this end and we’re trying to get a more personal touch with our PRO members.” Of course, ROBYN is all about the personal touch!

“We try to encourage PRO members to renew early,” she said. “Some of the most effective ways have been to send postcards and offer incentives like the mugs, discounted renewal rates or a month of membership for free. We want them to remember that ‘there’s this great community of smart people… they know me… and they’ll miss me if I’m gone’.”

Trend-setting content marketing online plus stellar offline marketing with a personal touch. Brilliant. That’s why they are the MarketingProfs.

“Spring Training” is right around the corner. Become a Basic Member today (it’s free!) and stay in the know. Tell them your friends at ROBYN sent you.

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