Mobile-Friendly Company Stores

Mobile-Friendly Company Stores

Experts project eCommerce sales will exceed $400 Billion by 2018. What does that mean to you and your online company store? We have found with our company store clients that the technologies that make B2C stores more user-friendly are the same features users want to see when they visit the company store.

Take, for instance, stores that are responsive or mobile-friendly. This convenience is critical!

Mobile friendly company stores
Infographic courtesy of Koepel Direct

Having a company store that is mobile friendly means much more than simply being displayed on a mobile device. It means having a responsive design that is optimized for the smaller screen. The Art of Manliness store is a great example of how this works.

This is the home page on a computer:

company store custom design 

Here is how that same page loads on the iPhone 6:

company store responsive design 

This type of functionality goes far beyond simple navigation, though. Even the way product pages work is different between the computer and mobile screens.

company store products   

By tapping the image, a larger (Light Box) version of the image pops up. On the mobile device, the information below the image is still able to be scrolled.

mobile friendly product page 

Your employees are already accustomed to ordering products online and many of them are doing it with their mobile devices. Building a company store with the same types of features they see in the B2C world is a smart way to encourage them to use your company store.