No Bones About It...

No Bones About It...

“What's the best way to get a bunch of busy marketers to a Halloween themed party?” asked Kevin Jessop, president of the AMAOKC. “Send them an insanely spooky and creative invitation! And, with ROBYN’s help, that's exactly what we did.”

October 11th (yeah, “10-11-12”) was not just an ominous looking number combination, it was also the date for the AMAOKC’s 2nd Annual MofO Monster MashUp (for the uninitiated, MofO is an acronym for Marketer of Oklahoma!). The event is a celebration of good marketing across the state of Oklahoma and provides an opportunity for marketers and communicators to get together for an evening of food, fun and networking.

MofO Invitation

ROBYN Promotions seized this opportunity to unleash their creative genius by designing another terrifyingly clever invitation that was sent to marketing and communication folks across the state.

“Our members are extraordinarily busy and get a ton of mail every day,” said Kevin, “but do they get 3-foot tall cardboard cutout skeletons in clear envelopes? Absolutely not!”

Meet “Profile Pete”, the ghoulishly friendly “host” of the event. 

Profile Pete

“Profile Pete embodies the spirit of AMAOKC'sMofOMonster Mashup and got folk across the state talking about the event!” said Kevin. “Twitter is literally alive with pictures of Profile Pete as he led the best marketing professionals to our ghastly event.”

And, at the event, the chapter was thrilled to honor Oklahoma’s newest MofO… Mark Moad from Funnel Design. Congratulations, Mark!

Click here to see more phantomastic photos of Profile Pete and the MofO Monster MashUp, plus we're sending out these spooktacular coffin pens. Get yours now!

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