Nothin' but Net, Baby!

Nothin' but Net, Baby!

March Madness is upon us… Alley-Oops, charity stripes, Cinderella stories and more. College basketball. It’s hard to resist this kind of excitement, and the smart marketers at Southern Nazarene University are capturing some of the buzz with their own “rock”.

 stress basketball

“These basketballs are an ENORMOUS hit with people,” said Andy Greene, Manager of Marketing & Enrollment. “We have done orange ones in the past, but the professionals at ROBYN suggested switching to our school colors, which has made them even more popular!” And, the basketballs tie in perfectly with the new tagline for the SNU Graduate Studies in Management program:

 You can do this.

“When we’re at job fairs,” said Andy, “we meet many people who are realizing they need to advance their education to advance their careers, but they are afraid and they ask ‘Can I do this?’ We tell them, ‘We don’t have a program for other people. We have one for you. You can do this.’”


Of course, the branded basketballs are just one component of complete campaign that features: billboards, radio spots, print ads, direct mail and online advertising. SNU also sponsors events, attends career fairs and meets with the human resource departments of companies who offer their employees tuition assistance.

With a game plan that covers each position, it’s easy to get your message in the goal… nothin’ but net.