Offering options with your online company store

Offering options with your online company store

Online company stores provide an effective way to manage marketing collateral for multiple offices, dealer networks, franchises or an outside sales force. One of the features we have been utilizing lately gives even greater flexibility: Options.

When a visitor logs-in to your company store and selects an item to view, the ROBYN Company Stores provide a way to offer multiple options for that item. Whether that means choosing a color, selecting a size or choosing an accessory item, this feature simplifies the process... and looks great doing it. Here's an example:


The visitor has chosen to view this stainless steel tumbler. At ROBYN, we like to surprise and delight our friends, so we offer three different types of candy to go with the tumbler by clicking on the drop-down box. As different options are selected, the corresponding image you see on the right replaces the picture of the tumbler on the screen.

It takes a little more effort on our end to make this work so seamlessly, but our clients love it. And, it's little touches like these that make ROBYN Company Stores an easy choice.


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