Patches Create Lasting Impact on Promotional Apparel

Patches Create Lasting Impact on Promotional Apparel

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If you have yet to use patches or badges on your promotional apparel, you are missing out on a great opportunity to make a big impact on your target market. For years police officers, firefighters, EMTs, truckers, girl & boy scouts, mechanics and more have used badges and patches on apparel items. Even biker gangs knew the impact a badge would create when riding into towns.

The Appeal of Patches

Besides the ability to use truer looking colors, patches and badges also create impact by gaining the attention prospects. The following are several ways patches simply work.

Variety of Apparel

One appeal of patches and badges is that they can be placed on a wide variety of apparel at an affordable cost. From hats to leather jackets, when people see well designed patches, they immediately register the patch in their mind. No matter whether it’s a person’s name, company brand or upcoming event, the patch will fit on just about every apparel item out there (something embroidery specialists cannot guarantee).

Variety of Colors

Another appeal is the ability to use a wide variety of colors within your patch. Let’s imagine that you have a design in mind that uses a highly complex array of colors. Normally this design would cost you loads of time and money when using a traditional embroidery professional, but with the patch your design can be created quickly and easily at a lower cost. Pairing this feature with a custom shaped patch ensures that you the perfect design for your needs.

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Since patches and badges come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, one can easily find a shape to suit the needs of the company. Furthermore, custom patches and badges are available so you can get them in shapes that symbolize your company’s logo or the specific promotion and impact you wish to create (like a promotional mistletoe for Christmas).