Perfect for the Freezin' Season

Perfect for the Freezin' Season

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful..."

What's better on a snowy day than to get warm and cozy by the fire to relax? Hard to beat, isn't it? And, during the holiday season, you can't top the gifts that make your life easier and more comfortable, right? Heck, that holds true throughout the year!

Santa - The Original Swag Expert 

The SwagExpert's Tip #4 for Business Gift Giving 

When you receive a gift that is exactly what you need, precisely when you need it, the gift becomes much more memorable. It goes from being a "nice gesture" to "Wow! You guys rock!" And that's what you want for your brand, isn't it? So, how can your company give the perfect gift for every possible situation during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year? You anticipate needs and prepare for when the time comes!

For instance, in the spring, it rains. That's just what happens. The smart marketers at SandRidge Energy have used this knowledge to develop a program to provide branded umbrellas for employees and guests to use when going from one building to another on rainy days. Not only are the users thrilled to stay dry, but they are walking billboards, too.

Of course, the weather isn't the only thing you can count on throughout the year. Golf tournaments, summer fun, tailgating... The possibilities are endless. The key, however, is to plan for it now. The SwagExperts at ROBYN are adept at finding creative ways for you to be remembered by clients and prospects by having the right gift to give at the perfect time... Such as a top-notch wine opener during the holiday season!

Brookstone Wine Opener 

For Week 4 of #Swag4all, we want to give one of these Brookstone Connoisseur's Wine Openers to our friends to use during the upcoming holiday parties! It's easy to win. Like us on Facebook, Tweet it out, share it on LinkedIn, pin it on Pinterest, make a YouTube video about the contest... Just use #Swag4all to spread the word. We’ll draw a winner on Thursday, December 12th.

Wait a minute... That's the date of the Freezin' Season Jingle Mingle! Did you get one of the SwagExpert's awesome invitations to the party of the year we're hosting with AdClub, AMA, IABC, PRSA, AWC and OKCsocial? It came with a touchscreen glove... you get the other one when you arrive at the party. You don't have to have an invitation to attend, but these are really cool. And we have 25 of them left.

touchscreen glove invitation 

Send us your shipping info and we'll get one to you just in time for this freezing weather! 

Freezin Season Jingle Mingle