POP-ART at the Festival of the Arts

POP-ART at the Festival of the Arts

One of the highlights of springtime in Oklahoma City is the annual Festival of the Arts (April 22-27 in Downtown OKC). Celebrating its 47th birthday this year, the weeklong event attracts all kinds of artists from around the country… and more than one or two spring showers! It’s not uncommon to see umbrellas being carried around, but not umbrellas like these!

Introducing POP-ART, the brainchild of VI Marketing & Branding and the Arts Council of Oklahoma City. “We were looking for a way to generate interest in our Pop-Ins program as well as support the arts in Oklahoma City,” said Stephanie Halseide, marketing strategist at VI. “This was a natural partnership for us and the response has been fantastic!”

The SwagExperts at ROBYN were asked to find the perfect umbrellas to become the canvases for these masterpieces. Seven artists were then asked to decorate the umbrellas in any way they saw fit. The results are nothing less than spectacular!


The umbrellas will be hanging in Leadership Square until Saturday before being transported to the Festival Plaza for the Angels & Friends Party on April 23rd. “The Festival of the Arts is our largest fundraiser of the year,” said Miranda Wilson, director of communications at the Arts Council. “It’s a great way to celebrate the arts in Oklahoma City.

Tickets are still available for the Angels & Friends party for just $50 and the umbrellas are being sold to raise money for the organization, too! They can be purchased through the Arts Council now or at the party Wednesday night.

“People have been really impressed with the caliber of artists we recruited,” Stephanie said. The POP-ART campaign is an extension of the Pop-Ins umbrella share program VI initiated in 2013. “Most of the major buildings downtown are participating,” she said, “but we would like to get a couple more companies to become sponsors!”

We'll see YOU at the Festival of the Arts this week!