Product Selection for the Company Store

Product Selection for the Company Store

Once the decision is made to build a company store, many people struggle to decide what products they should put on the store. “Ultimately, it depends on the company and how they use these products,” says Sara Janzen, Client Care Specialist. “Usually, we see about one-third of the site devoted to apparel and the rest to printed pieces and promotional items.”

“Some companies want a better way to manage their tradeshow activities, so we stock a lot of give-away items and literature that can be shipped directly to the shows while other companies use the items internally to reward their employees,” said Sara. “And, virtually everyone uses their store to order gifts for clients and prospects.”

So, what products should you include? According to a recent industry report, the top 5 categories are:

1. Writing instruments
2. Shirts
3. Bags
4. Calendars
5. Desk/office accessories (followed closely by caps, drinkware and outerware).

“Pens, writing pads and drinkware are the quickest moving items for most of our clients,” said Sara, “but we do a lot of wearables, too… especially golf shirts.”

But what about sizing?!

“We have a sizing matrix we’ve developed over the years that works really well,” she said. “However, the longer we work with a client, the better we get to know their market and we are able to overlay their sales data to predict what will be needed on future orders.” Pretty slick, huh?

While these items are the bread-and-butter of most company stores, ROBYN encourages brands to do things that show their personality or corporate culture. “I think every client should have at least one thing on the store that’s unique to them,” Sara said. “We have a techie client who keeps iPhone cases that look like cassette tapes on their store, an international engineering firm that uses balsa airplanes and a local technical training school that stocks purple ducks because that’s their mascot. This is what their markets love!”

Selecting products for your company store can be fun instead of intimidating when working with an experienced professional like Sara. This is part of what makes the ROBYN Company Store Solution so effective!