Promo in the USA

Promo in the USA

Here in the United States, we love to fly the red, white and blue. And, having a “Made in the USA” tag on a product certainly gives it a higher perceived value. Americans like to think of this product as being made by American hands, benefitting American companies that will spend more money on other Americans.

We, too, like to use American made products when we can. In fact, a few of our clients have policies restricting them from using products manufactured in certain parts of the world. Sometimes price or availability of these products prevents us from using them, but we’re resourceful and can always find alternatives.

But what about all those products that are stamped “Made in China”? When we purchase those products, are we suddenly supporting another country’s economy without so much as a nod to our fellow Americans? According to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, not at all!

So how does the promotional products industry figure into this? According to a recent report from the PPAI, this $18.5 Billion industry boasts 498,853 American jobs in 33,741 companies… 32,728 of which are Small Businesses. What is more American than small businesses employing almost half a million people?

Sure, we all like products that say “Made in the USA”. It just feels right. However, there are some products that other countries can simply produce at a lower price. The good news is that fifty-five cents of every dollar of these products sold in the United States, stays in the United States. And, there are thousands of promotional products that are made in the USA and will be featured on SwagExpert.com when it launches!