Promotional codes on your company store support marketing campaigns

Promotional codes on your company store support marketing campaigns

The MidFirst “Going Green with an Orange Tumbler” initiative is a great example of how an online company store can manage your brand’s overall marketing collateral as well as provide extra support for individual campaigns.

In this case, a unique promotional code was used to give employees a significant discount on the eco-friendly tumbler. The MidFirst communications department sent a company-wide email that described the tumbler, explained the price discount and gave instructions on how to enter the promotional code.

On the back-end, the ROBYN company store administrators worked their magic to enable every employee the use of the same code… one time only. Of course, they could have just as easily made it good for 3 uses, 12 uses or unlimited uses, but in this case, once was the number the client requested.

The corporate store also manages how products are to be shipped. This, too, is pre-determined by the client. For MidFirst Bank, weekly deliveries by the ROBYN delivery trucks to each location is the preferred method. Fortunately, ROBYN is adept at storing, managing and shipping a wide variety of products in multiple ways, so providing the preferred distribution method is a breeze.

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