Promotional Product Kitting: Putting Together the Pieces.

Promotional Product Kitting: Putting Together the Pieces.

Mr. Potato Head

This is Mr. Potato Head. You know him. And, you love him. He was a part of your childhood and there’s a very good chance he is a part of your kid’s life, too. Thanks to the savvy marketers at Express Employment Professionals, he’s a part of thousands of human resources and operations offices across the country as well.

Express is offering their franchisees the opportunity to buy their Mr. Potato Head Marketing Program through its online company store. Of course, good marketing isn’t about giving away a nostalgic childhood toy. It’s about creating opportunities to meet with your hottest prospects and have them look forward to the next time your salesperson walks into their offices. This is exactly what is happening here. 

At the direction of the Express marketing team, ROBYN Promotions sourced thousands of Mr. Potato Heads, opened the packages, separated the pieces, bagged each one individually, put all the re-packaged pieces into one box and sealed it up. The process of assembling custom kits like these (and doing it efficiently) is called “ kitting”… and it is one of ROBYN’s many hidden strengths.

Express offices across the United States are sending their salespeople into their prospects' offices with the body and a few essential parts of the Mr. P. Then, in subsequent days, the sales people will deliver each of the additional pieces to complete the toy.

This is a brilliant strategy on multiple fronts. First, it gives the salesperson a reason to visit multiple times. Second, it is memorable (is there ANY way the recipients won’t remember this promotion?!). Finally, it illustrates just how much forethought this team of professionals put into their campaign. If they are this good at marketing themselves, just imagine how sharp they must be in their core of expertise!

This program is the beginning of a successful marketing strategy. It all starts with identifying your customer’s most effective touchpoints. Click here to learn more ways to connect with your hottest prospects!