Purchasing Options with a ROBYN Online Company Store

Purchasing Options with a ROBYN Online Company Store

 Company Store Purchases

When building an online company store, it is vital to think about the various ways you want your visitors to be able to purchase items from the website. Purchasing options are wide and varied and with the right combination, your corporate store can offer great incentives and ease-of-use for your colleagues.

The ROBYN Company Stores go beyond the basic checkout options. For instance, there are purchasing options that can help you track by department by providing a drop-down box at check-out that allows the buyer to select for which department she is buying.

Below are some possibilities that exist on most company stores. Check which items you need to host immediately and then those items you hope to provide in the future: 

  • credit card
  • purchase order with approval mechanism
  • purchase order without approval mechanism
  • points-based option
  • gift certificates
  • department codes / budget codes
  • multiple shopping cart functionality
  • __________________
  • __________________

Why is it important to consider this now? Not all vendors have all these capabilities. For example, you might want to make ‘purchase order’ an option but you want significant controls to come with it. With a ROBYN corporate store, purchase order options can be set-up with approval processes built-in.

You might also want to offer a points-based system: allow colleagues to establish sales contests or accumulate points for excellent service to a client. On most stores, you can run an incentive program that will help achieve organizational goals. The store provides a low-cost way to manage your incentive programs with minimal administration. 

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