Putting the Cheddar in Cheese Weasel Day

Putting the Cheddar in Cheese Weasel Day

Some time in the early ‘90s, a couple of techies in Silicon Valley were hanging out at a park when they caught a glimpse of a weasel scurrying by with a slice of wrapped American cheese. They knew in an instant it must be the Cheese Weasel delivering a piece of cheese to some good little techie. After all, someone must be showing all the good techie boys and girls some appreciation.


“The IT department catches a lot of flack, but they really bail us out when we need them,” says Chris Forbes, author of Guerilla Marketing for Nonprofits. “I stumbled across CWD six or seven years ago and thought it was hilarious. It seems like a great event for businesses with an IT department to show their appreciation.” And with that, the CheeseWeaselDay.com website was born.

April 3rd has become the official Cheese Weasel Day when tech workers around the world are rewarded for their good work with a piece of cheese under their mouse. This year, however, the Cheese Weasel has teamed up with ROBYN to make ordering official Cheese Weasel Day gifts and cheese trays a piece of… cheese?

In the Information Age, technology is the backbone of every business. Cheese Weasel Day gives us all a chance to join in the spirit of fun and say “Thanks” to the folks who make the digital magic happen. With just a few clicks, you can order a variety of gifts that will make your tech folks drool!

For our friends in the OKC area, there is a Cheese Weasel Party at the 404 on Film Row on Wednesday, April 3rd, from 11-1. See you there!