"Enlighten us, but make it quick!"

"Enlighten us, but make it quick!"

5 minutes. 20 slides. A stage, a microphone and an audience filled with your peers waiting to hear you share a story. Your story. Welcome to IgniteOKC.


Originating in Seattle in 2006, Ignite has grown into a "geek event" in over 100 cities around the globe that found its way to Oklahoma City in 2010. But what is IgniteOKC and who goes? IgniteOKC is a community-driven networking event that connects people of diverse backgrounds and knowledge through a series of entertaining, rapid-fire presentations.

“From techies to non-profits to entrepreneurs, there’s something to learn and share for everyone,” says Michelle Briggs, chairperson for IgniteOKC 5. “Presenters get 5 minutes and 20 slides that keep advancing… no matter what. It’s an exciting way to satisfy your curiosity, meet local innovators and spark new interests.”

“Dunlap Codding, as a company, likes to market itself through acts of goodwill and community involvement,” says Michelle. “When a friend of one of our shareholders told him about IgniteBoise, he knew this was something we needed to do here in Oklahoma City.” Now, after five very successful IgniteOKC events, it is obvious that Doug Sorocco’s vision was crystal clear.

 Ignite Brite

IgniteOKC 5 was held Thursday, May 16th, at the Will Rogers Theatre. Over 300 people attended the standing room only event which featured a grown-up sized “Ignite Brite” attendees played with during intermission. IgniteOKC organizers were easy to spot in their light-up t-shirts and everyone left with a branded glow stick (courtesy of Fowler Honda). With 15 spectacular presentations delivered, it was certainly an illuminating evening!

Plans are already underway for IgniteOKC 6 which will take place in the fall of 2013. “We start accepting submissions about three months before the event,” said Michelle. “As a group, the committee goes through each entry to eliminate ones that are too focused on a business, a religion or are soapbox-y in any way. Then we vote on them until we whittle them down to the best 16 entries.”

Whether you are looking to hone your speaking skills, network with a room filled with innovators or simply have a drink with friends while being enlightened, IgniteOKC is a bright spot in Oklahoma City’s culture. Presentations from previous events are available now on the IgniteOKC's YouTube channel (IgniteOKC 5 is on its way!).

IgniteOKC Glow Stick