Smart marketers develop internal brand advocates to share their brand vision with the rest of the world.
They brand from the inside out. We make it easy.

When OGE Energy Corp. and CenterPoint Energy, Inc. merged their midstream business in 2013, the new $11 billion company had no name. Three months later, a video conference call was scheduled with the 1,800 employees at 100+ locations. The COO introduced the Enable Midstream Partners name and logo, plus explained the company’s brand vision.

The Enable Midstream marketing team worked with ROBYN Promotions to make this celebratory moment truly memorable. Immediately following the COO’s comments, each employee was surprised with a water bottle featuring the new logo. To make the gift even better, ROBYN’s assembly team inserted a card inside each water bottle inviting each employee to visit the new online company store and receive a FREE Enable Midstream t-shirt by entering a coupon code. These folks were delighted!

The smart marketers at Enable Midstream were wise to utilize ROBYN’s expertise to source the right product, ensure the accuracy of the new logo and coordinate shipping to guarantee delivery on the right day at over 100 locations. However, building a robust online company store with ROBYN to manage their rebranding efforts was genius!

Company Store screenshot 

Through the company store, all 1,800+ employees were able to order their shirts in the right sizes and have them shipped directly to their desks in over 100 locations. Every order was tracked and an experienced customer service professional was available to answer questions as they arose. Best of all, the marketing department could focus on the external launch of their new brand instead of coordinating the massive t-shirt giveaway!

“We wanted to make an impact and get people excited about the new name and mark,” said Kirby Behenna, Senior Brand Manager. And did they ever! This strategic internal brand building celebration created 1,800 brand ambassadors in one moment. We shared the full story on our blog.

Internal Brand Ambassadors. Successful rebranding launches start by embracing the sharpest critics of the brand: your internal audience. These are the people most interested in what your brand is about. By including them in the launch, you make this a special event for everyone.

Scaling Surprise & Delight. Sure, celebrating with the home team and getting them excited about what the new brand is and how it aligns with the company’s goals sounds great, but how does your team do this and put the pieces together for a full-scale launch in the market? With a strategic partner and a powerful brand survival tool.

The Online Company Store. Give your new brand some Swag(ger)! ROBYN Promotions is a full-service company store provider. It is our focus and our passion. From feature rich e-stores that match your website to real-time reporting capabilities, warehousing and inventory controls to 24-hour fulfillment shipping, merchandising pros to make sure your new branded gear is first rate to a creative team hell-bent on developing creative ways for you to surprise and delight your employees. The company store gives you complete control of your brand. ROBYN Promotions takes away the stress of making the program work.

New logo… New messaging… New product offerings… New focus. Whether it’s a complete overhaul of your existing brand or adding a new twist to what you do because of mergers, acquisitions or market demands, marketers face the task of introducing this new brand to a cold, cluttered, uncaring world. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some allies in this endeavor? You do!

What is the next step?

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