Return of the Elephant (ears)

Return of the Elephant (ears)

Elephant Ears

Henry Mancini may be the genius behind the song “Baby Elephant Walk”, but it’s the marketing genies at the Oklahoma City Zoo who are going to send 5,000 “baby elephants” walking happily through their gates next week.

The zoo is celebrating the “Return of the Elephants” by giving the first 500 kids through the gate each day a free pair of “elephant ears” (March 11th – 20th… Spring Break!). Co-sponsored by Caesars Pizza, the ears were a collaborative effort between the zoo’s marketing team (pictured above – Diana Jones, Tara Henson and Candice Rennels) and the savvy folks at ROBYN Promotions.

The zoo’s two elephants, Asha and Chandra (who are sisters), traveled to Tulsa in June 2008 as part of a breeding recommendation from the Asian Elephant Species Survival Plan. While they were gone, the Oklahoma City Zoo built a state-of-the-art 9 ½ acre habitat featuring three spacious outdoor yards, pools, a waterfall, shade structures and a 15,600 sq. ft. barn. This is unlike anything else in the world!

With a price tag of $13 million, funding came from a 1/8 cent sales tax approved by the citizens of OKC in 1990; Inasmuch Foundation; Devon Energy; ZooFriends Memberships.

To prepare for this spring break celebration, the marketing department called ROBYN to find some “elephant ear hats” to give the kids. None existed, so custom headbands were designed, produced and DELIVERED in time for the huge celebration.