Sample It First!

Sample It First!

Remember the ads for Sea Monkeys shown in the back of comic books when you were a kid? Did you ever order any? I did! And it was one of the most disappointing experiences EVER for my 8-year-old self. They looked so cool in the picture, but when I got the Sea Monkeys, they were dried up brine shrimp. Sure, once I put them in water, a few kind of moved, but that’s it. Nothing at all like the picture.

Sea Monkeys 

Promotional products can be like that, too. What seems like a great idea while you’re looking at a website or a catalog might just turn out to be another disappointing experience (and a lot more costly!) if the end result is not what it’s cracked up to be. That’s why ROBYN provides free samples for our clients!

Random Sample
Often times, our clients would like to touch and feel the item they are considering branding with their company logo. This is especially important when they are looking at higher-end items and want to make sure the quality of the product matches the intended use.

Virtual Sample
Many times, our clients want to see what an item might look like with their logo on it. With just a little PhotoShop magic, we can create a virtual sample by superimposing the logo onto an item… or multiple items! This is a great way to see what a finished piece will look like.

Pre-pro Sample
Once we have an order in-house, sometimes a client will ask to see a finished piece before doing the entire run. This “pre-pro” (or Pre-Production Sample) provides a great way for the client to touch and feel the finished piece before a large order is run.

Spec Sample
Occasionally, we come across a new item that seems like a perfect fit for one of our clients and we will have the factory make a Spec Sample for us with the client’s logo on it. This gets to the heart of what we mean by “Surprise & Delight”! While it does not always garner an order, it is a fantastic way for us to show a client that we are thinking about their brand and that we value their business.

At ROBYN, we take the guesswork out of purchasing promotional products! Let us know how we can help you!