School Spirit... Bedlam Style!

School Spirit... Bedlam Style!

Chesapeake Bedlam


When it comes to Bedlam spirit, Chesapeake Energy Corporation is definitely on board! Not only are employees encouraged to wear black & orange (OSU) or crimson & cream (OU) today, but these fans are also being pitted against each other in a variety of competitions, all in the name of good-natured fun.

Here are just a few of their Bedlam-related activities going on the next two weeks:

  • Sandlam Dodgeball – The sand volleyball pit has been converted to a dodgeball field for some OU vs. OSU fan action. This could get wild!
  • Bedlam Burritos – The Wildcat Restaurant on campus is featuring OU and OSU themed burritos. Now, fans don’t just wear their school pride; they eat it!
  • Treadlam – Treadmills in the health center are labeled either OU or OSU and fans use one for the team they support. All the mileage is tracked to see which school goes the farthest. What a great way to burn off the Bedlam Burritos.
  • Bedlam for Babies - This competition benefits Infant Crisis Services. Two boxes are set out (one for each school) and donations are collected (baby clothes, diapers, etc.). Whichever school collects the most gets bragging rights.
  • Bedlam Custom T-shirts – The ladies of Chesapeake will have the opportunity to order some very cool long-sleeve T-shirts that ROBYN designed for the Chesapeake company store.
  • “Champions Never Run Out of Gas” T-shirts – Let’s not forget the men! The Chesapeake store also features another shirt designed by ROBYN that will certainly be worn by the winner of the 2011 Bedlam Match-up!
  • Chesapeake will also have a presence in Stillwater during the big game. Big Blue, Chesapeake’s natural gas-powered motor coach, will be at Boon Pickens Stadium.  Chesapeake’s guests will enjoy food and drinks while watching other games on the large TVs outside the RV before Bedlam kicks off.

Over the years, Chesapeake has done a fantastic job of branding themselves and becoming a leader in their industry. And, through their community involvement and employee appreciation programs, their brand has been integrated into the world around them. This is a brilliant marketing strategy… And it works!