Sharing the Warmth

Sharing the Warmth

During this festive time of year, there are many ways to “Share the Warmth”. Of course, it’s cold outside and the phrase can be meant as a way of helping someone else stay warm. And, being the holiday season, it can be meant as an extension of good feelings from person to another. Best of all, though, it can be both!

Santa: The Original Swag Expert!

The SwagExpert’s Tip #5 for Business Gift Giving

When the SwagExperts at ROBYN give a gift, it’s from the heart. We thoroughly enjoy putting a smile on the face of friends new and old. It feels great to “share the warmth”. One of our favorite gifts to give are high-quality branded blankets. Recipients are always thrilled to receive a beautiful blanket with our logo tastefully applied in the corner.

This is a great gift that can make a stronger connection with whomever you wish: employees, clients or team members. And, when you give a soft, warm blanket, you can be sure they will keep this gift for years to come. Your brand will continue to live in their homes. That’s smart marketing!

High quality branded blankets

For Week 5 of #Swag4all, we are going to give away one of these beautiful blankets in your choice of four colors. It’s our way of sharing the warmth with you! It's easy to win. Like us on Facebook, Tweet it out, share it on LinkedIn, pin it on Pinterest, make a YouTube video about the contest... Just use #Swag4all to spread the word. We’ll draw a winner on Thursday, December 19th (just in time for the next deep freeze!).