Shipping Savings Through Your Company E-store

Shipping Savings Through Your Company E-store

As marketers, we are required to not merely be creative and insightful in developing strategies for communicating our message to our target audience. We have to ship it:

“Real artists ship.” – Steve Jobs

“Are you a serial idea-starting person? The goal is to be an idea-shipping person.” – Seth Godin

While these two innovative thought-leaders are using “shipping” metaphorically in reference to following through on ideas, there is a direct connection to your marketing materials, too. If your branded products never make it into your audience’s hands, they do absolutely no good. The problem, of course, is shipping your collateral without breaking the bank. ROBYN can help.

With over 50,000 packages going out our doors each year, ROBYN Promotions knows a thing or two about shipping. Our clients trust us to manage their projects from creation, through the manufacturing process and into our climate-controlled warehouses. However, it’s our sophisticated shipping practices that ensure their products will arrive at the right place, at the right time, every time. And that’s what counts.

It’s no secret that shipping product is expensive. Between higher fuel costs, a shortage of drivers and more demand than ever, you need a partner who can help you avoid over-paying for shipping. ROBYN typically saves their clients between 15-30% on freight because our volume commands the best UPS rates.

Shipping Costs 

There are more ways for you to save on shipping, though!

  • Plan for shipping on the front-end
    • Plan on sending 5,000 mugs to that tradeshow in Las Vegas? Fantastic! What if you only give away 3,000 of them? How are you getting the rest back?
  • Bank your orders
    • Instead of Angie in accounting ordering envelopes from the company store on Tuesday and Tom in HR ordering lunch bags on Thursday, it’s cheaper to order them all at once and make it just one shipment.
  • Set-up standard shipping dates
    • Many of our clients have a bulk order shipped on specific dates. Unless it is an urgent situation, shipments only go out on those days. The company typically pays for the freight, which means employees do not have to pay for shipping!
  • Keep enough products in inventory
    • Expedited freight is always more expensive than standard ground freight. By keeping enough products on the shelves, you avoid having to rush items for your events.
  • Use branded boxes
    • Many of our clients have found that by using branded boxes for their branded materials, they are easier to identify, track and locate within their own facilities, thereby eliminating the need to re-order due to being misplaced.

ROBYN’s shipping department continuously reviews packaging and shipping methods and makes revisions as needed to ensure our clients are getting the best value for their shipping dollars. Recently, a ROBYN client ordered case quantities of five different products. A thorough analysis showed shipping these five boxes separately would cost the company $106.40 (compared to $140.15 quoted at the UPS Store). However, by re-packing the items into three boxes, the charge became $80.79 (compared to $120.31 at the UPS Store). That’s a $60 savings on just one order!

Often times, our clients are concerned about their employees incurring shipping charges on items they have been gifted. The ROBYN branded products company store provides a variety of ways for you let employees order their products without having shipping added. It’s a great solution around the shipping charge issue!

Having the perfect promotional items ready to go at a moment’s notice is just the beginning of a winning campaign. Being able to ship the right item at the right time in the most cost-effective manner is what seals the deal. That’s why shipping is a cornerstone to the success of the ROBYN Company Store Solution.