Simplifying Corporate Apparel with a Branded Merch Program

Simplifying Corporate Apparel with a Branded Merch Program

Whether you call it a company store, a branded merchandise program or a corporate apparel shop, there are many solid reasons the most innovative companies today are embracing a marketing collateral management solution… It works.

ROBYN has developed and managed company stores for over 20 years. In that time, technology has changed the way things are done, yet we have found five key reasons businesses are in search of a better way to manage their marketing assets. Over the next few weeks, we will share stories about how our clients have unlocked a problem by using one of these keys.

Simplify Corporate Apparel

The sales team wants golf shirts to wear on the golf course, the marketing team wants t-shirts to give away at the tradeshow, the CEO wants executive apparel for the board of directors… and they all want it from you! Different styles, different sizes, material preferences, multiple logos, purchasing options… Yes, you need a way to manage this.

A company store can effectively manage these options (plus others you haven’t thought of yet!), and the fulfillment team at ROBYN can get the items to those who need them when they need them, but there’s more. Your employee company store can also be used to help enforce your corporate dress guidelines.

Weokie Credit Union offers their employees a variety of corporate apparel options. To help maintain their apparel guidelines, however, the clothing is separated into two categories: “Monday-Thursday Attire” and “Friday Only Attire”. This is genius. Not only is the company encouraging their employees to “wear the brand”, but they are also letting them know which items are appropriate on which days.

The smart marketers at Weokie take it to another level, though. While employees pay for their attire on the company store with their own credit cards, the credit union covers half the cost of up to ten apparel items each year. And, because each of the wearable items comes in a variety of colors, employees are presented with many options.


The Weokie Credit Union company store is a hybrid store, meaning it manages both inventoried and non-inventoried items. Featuring a full line of branded promotional items (such as umbrellas, pens, hats and padfolios) that are kept on the shelves in the ROBYN warehouse, these products can be ordered online and shipped the next day. The corporate apparel program, however, is completely on-demand. Each month, ROBYN batches all the Weokie attire orders and places one large order. This saves money on shipping and ensures Weokie is getting the best price for these products. Plus, there is never a concern regarding leftover product that no one wants when styles change.

“We help our clients choose items that we feel won’t have issues with stock when we develop a non-inventoried program like Weokie’s,” said Sara Janzen, client care specialist. “The last thing we want is to place an order at the end of the month and find out some items are not available!”

The detailed reports ROBYN provides Weokie Credit Union each month help the marketing team track which items are popular, who is buying them and where they are going. Knowledge is power, and the company store is a tremendous tool for Weokie to ensure their corporate apparel program is first rate.

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