Smart Marketing (Infused with Spa Water!)

Smart Marketing (Infused with Spa Water!)

Launching an entire new division of your company at the largest trade show on your calendar is no small feat. “How do I explain this entire concept to you in 4 seconds at our booth?” asks Anne Legg, Senior Vice President of Business Strategies and Innovation at Third Degree Advertising.

Simple. You infuse your message with “spa water”.

“Third Degree works with many credit unions across the country,” says Anne. “It’s a great industry for us, so we attend their key trade shows each year. We focus on making contact at the trade shows and then continue the conversation later.”

This year, Third Degree is rolling out an exciting new division that works with credit unions to develop a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years. “Our approach to this is really unique and we have some great data about what can be done,” said Anne, “but it’s not something that can be conveyed to the c-suite at a trade show. Our strategy is to make a great impression with them at the show, then follow-up when they’re back in the office.”

 Infused with smart marketing!

In addition to the stellar visuals in their booth and the information-packed white paper they had on-hand, the Third Degree Advertising team was also equipped with these awesome infuser water bottles. “Some people think a promotional item is just a promotional item,” said Anne. “NO! We’re a little edgy… We need something that reflects us.”

The water bottles hit the spot. “These are so fun and unique. I told people they could use the bottle to make their own ‘spa water’ at home and the ladies knew exactly what I was talking about!” she laughed. Of course, the smart marketers at Third Degree also included some information about their new Business 360 Process inside the water bottle (never give an empty gift!).

While this is a new service offering for Third Degree, the initial buzz is fantastic. “The 360 Process is working really well because it fits with what we’ve done for many years,” said Anne. “We can develop a marketing strategy for a credit union that can evolve into their business strategy. And it can go the other way, too!”

ROBYN Promotions has developed online company stores for credit unions to manage their marketing collateral across multiple locations. Working with the creative genies at Third Degree to produce a memorable promotional product (infused with "spa water"!) was a perfect fit.