Storing and Shipping and Tracking… Oh My!

Storing and Shipping and Tracking… Oh My!

The absolute best promotional products are the ones that are there when you need them… and they are RIGHT! It doesn’t matter how creative you were in picking out those “perfect” items, if your logo is the wrong color or they don’t show up on time, these products miss the mark. We get it.

ROBYN Promotions might just be who you need to ensure the success of your next campaign:

  • Centrally located – Smack dab in the middle of the United States where three major interstate highways intersect. This cuts down on both shipping costs and transit times to both coasts.
  • Climate-controlled storage – Yep. It gets hot in Oklahoma City in the summer. That’s why we have air conditioning. In our warehouses. We’re cool like that.
  • Private label packaging – This is not a concern for everyone, but if you like your products to ship in your boxes, no problem. We can manage the printing, stocking and inventory of your containers.
  • Shipping options – A wide variety of shipping options are available on ROBYN company stores. You determine which ones are displayed.
  • Tracking packages – ROBYN company stores integrate with the UPS WorldShip so you know where your packages are every step of the way.
  • Non-resident importer status in Canada – Do you ship to Canada? We do, too! Through an arrangement with UPS, we are able to streamline the customs clearance process and reduce paperwork on Canadian shipments, which dramatically reduces the time it takes to get through customs.

It’s easy to see why so many smart companies use ROBYN Promotions to manage their promotional products and marketing materials. From sourcing cool, useful promotional products that support marketing goals to storing, packing, shipping and tracking packages through to their destinations, ROBYN has systems in place to make sure your promotional products get where you need them, when you need them.