Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

New salespeople… New clients… New franchisees… Each of these shares at least one important thing in common: they need to be up and running ASAP. This is where having materials in kits, ready to go at a moment’s notice, can be a critical tactic for a company.

Express Employment Professionals is a good example. With 40-50 new franchise locations opening each year, the corporate office worked with ROBYN to develop a “Start-Up Kit” to send each new location to get them started on the right foot.

“We ship a sampling of everything they will need for their first 90 days, including: all the forms, time cards, applications, orientation handbooks, office posters, signage, sales materials and preassembled marketing campaigns,” said Bryan Gay, Warehouse Manager.


The kits include over 200 different items that are packed into 17 boxes and the new owners are often times surprised by how much “stuff” they receive. “This is a stressful time for the franchisee, so we organize everything in a way that makes it as easy as possible for them so they can focus on selling,” Bryan said.

Items that are used internally are packed together while items used in the field by salespeople are packed in different boxes. There is also a box with two big red labels that say OPEN THIS FIRST, which contains a listing of everything in the kit to make it easier to get started.

“Every component in a Start-up Kit – or any of the sales kits we assemble – is important because they are a critical part of the supply chain,” said Bobby Lehew, Chief Branding Officer. “For franchisors, it is particularly critical. A VP at Express once told me, ‘everything we do must validate the investment a franchisee has made in the brand’. This includes their supply chain for materials as well.”

“When properly executed, well-developed kits allow the recipient to easily digest the materials and begin doing the most important work of implementation in the field,” Bobby said. “We meticulously prepare these kits and keep a close eye on their delivery because we love being involved in this part of the process for materials. It reminds everyone how impactful a successfully run supply chain can be.”

Everything in the kit is essential in running the business, but the Car Kit seems to be the most popular item. “The car kit is a tub filled with everything a salesperson needs while making calls on businesses,” said Sharron Olson, Client Care Specialist. “There are 23 tabbed folders in a hanging file with all kinds of literature and sales sheets, a padfolio, pens, notepads, a stapler and a variety of promotional items the Express marketing department has picked out.”


“We keep both U.S. and Canadian versions in stock because Express is growing in both countries and the laws are different,” she said. “And, the laws change throughout the year, so we have to be very careful about what we are sending.”

Of course, not every kit ROBYN manages is as elaborate as the Express Start-up Kits. Being able to handle kits this extensive, though, gives our clients a great deal of confidence that ROBYN can handle their sales kits and marketing campaigns in an organized, efficient manner.

“The kitted material we ship is not just stuff with logos. They are items intended to do something… to move a market… or convince a buyer,” Bobby said. “Being an important part of this supply chain is one of the things ROBYN does really well and we’re proud of that.”