Support A Cause - AND - Enhance Your Brand with Promotional Products

Support A Cause - AND - Enhance Your Brand with Promotional Products

Oklahoma City’s art scene is thriving these days. Much of the credit goes to the businesses here that support them, such as American Fidelity Assurance Company who donated over $87,000 to Allied Arts last year through their workplace campaign.

This year, the company is again selling the OKCity Card to support Allied Arts. For $50, purchasers of the card get discounts to over 200 local businesses. American Fidelity has upped the ante for its employees, though. For every card an employee purchases, they are put into a drawing to win one of these Glitter Lamps:



How cool is that?!

We are proud to be the promotional products company of choice for American Fidelity. They are a company full of caring people who work to make a difference in their community. We like that.

Do you want to develop a successful campaign like American Fidelity? You can! Just keep these things in mind:

1.  AF created a fun item that reflects the uniqueness of their campaign. 

2.  By limiting the give-away to certain recipients, they also created a higher perceived value. This makes the item more exclusive… only available to those who participated in the campaign. 

3.  AF increased the brand recognition of their campaign by selecting an item that would get attention the moment it was viewed. The repeat exposure on a desktop or shelf is a constant reminder to anyone who sees it of the importance of this campaign 

Another question to ask:

"What is the intended outcome?"






We recommend starting with intended outcome because it usually leads to better questions.

If “action” is the intended outcome, you should first ask:

Where will your recipients be when they need your services the most? At their desks? In their cars?

If “awareness” is the intended outcome, think about this:

What type of item can communicate your information? Is there a creative product that will be kept and remembered?

A gift (incentive or promotional) should be thought of as a trigger. When it is delivered in the hands of the recipient, what will their response be?