Swingin a Big Stick

Swingin a Big Stick

How does your company celebrate major league achievements? When a department or team overhauls a system, wins a huge contract or cuts significant costs… when they ‘Nock the Cover Off the Ball… How do you recognize those all-stars? If you’re SandRidge Energy, you give ‘em a Big Stick with their names on it!

SandRidge Bat Award

“Our CEO, James Bennett, came up with the idea for the award,” says David Kimmel, Director of Communications. “He wanted to recognize extraordinary effort from a team within the company. To note a serious accomplishment that made an enormous impact both financially and operationally.”

“This was the first year for the award,” David said, “and we honored a group of guys who overhauled our entire operational facilities in the field. From top to bottom, they optimized every inch down to the smallest detail. This is exactly the type of effort the award was designed to recognize.”

SandRidge Energy award winner

The communications group tried out various ideas for the award. “We even bought some baseballs and tore the covers off, which just didn’t work,” said David. “Then Becky Duckett, our ROBYN representative, presented the custom baseball bat. It’s not what our CEO was envisioning, but he was blown away with the idea.”

So was the rest of the company! The ‘Nock the Cover Off the Ball award was given out at the company’s Christmas party in December. Each member of the team received a customized bat and another one is on display in the lobby. “Excitement rippled through the room,” David said. “Within minutes, people were talking about how they could win it next year.”

baseball bat award

This is a definitely a win for company morale! “We’re looking for more ways to celebrate success,” David said. “ROBYN has been instrumental in helping us do this.”

Celebrating excellence is important for every company. ROBYN specializes in developing custom award programs to fit your brand. How can we help YOU knock it out of the park?

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