Telling your story – Going beyond a logo on a pen

Telling your story – Going beyond a logo on a pen

Every brand has a story to tell. Whether it’s moving to a bigger facility, rebranding the company or showcasing a new product or service, there is a story. YOU have a story.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to find creative ways to share your story. That’s when you need the expertise of seasoned professionals to help you find smart, effective solutions.

Promotional products are more than your logo on a pen. They provide an opportunity for you to share a bit about your brand… and stay in your customer’s thoughts. For instance…

  1. Rebranding. Everyone knows who your company is and what they do. You’ve been doing it a long time and it hasn’t really changed much. Until now. Now, you are merging with another company to create a new… better… broader offering of products and services. Why not create a custom calendar, printed in your new colors and featuring your new logo, that shows your audience what your capabilities are?

  2. New facility. Business is good. In fact, it’s so good that you are moving to a larger facility to better accommodate the influx of new business. Why not tell this story through a series of photos pre-loaded onto a custom digital photo frame? Your customers will watch your story unfold before them before uploading their own pictures into the frame. Does your story end there? Heck no! They will keep that frame with your logo on it within eyesight from here on out and they will remember who gave it to them and why.

  3. Results. You have done some amazing things and you want to remind your customers of these results (and brag to your potential customers, too!). How about a journal with the pages on the left side showing a picture of someone you helped and a short story about the situation? Their stories will resonate with your audience… And they will connect with you.

Stories have been the backbone of humankind since… Well, since the beginning. Being able to share your story effectively with your audience is critical in this day and age, and promotional products offer a unique way to do it.

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