That’s One Wicked #MPB2B Fedora

That’s One Wicked #MPB2B Fedora

MPB2B Fedora

While the official slogan of the MarketingProfs’ 6th annual B2B Forum was “This is not your father’s B2B”, most of the attendees would agree that the “B2B Badass” shirts and buttons might have been more appropriate for these smart marketers!

“MarketingProfs is all about making marketers smarter – and better – at what they do,” says Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer. “We’re a marketer’s secret weapon!”

Perhaps not as big a secret as Ann lets on. With over 432,000 members around the world, MarketingProfs is the largest community of marketers on the planet. Educating these “smarketers” with a combination of daily emails, online webinars, podcasts and live events, it’s no wonder they have grown so quickly since their inception in 2000.

“MarketingProfs is a company focused on delivering know-how to marketers of all shapes and sizes,” said Ann. “From individuals to large enterprises, we provide educational resources to them. And that’s what the B2B Forum is all about!”

Held in Boston on October 4-5, the B2B Summit is the Profs’ signature event. “This year was our biggest and baddest (in the best sense of the word),” said Ann. “We thought we would try taking it to another level by including a pop-up store featuring MarketingProfs merchandise for sale.” 

MarketingProf Swag

Corey O’Loughlin, the Marketing Manager, worked with the ROBYN Promotions to select items that not only matched the MarketingProfs’ cool and smart style, but would resonate with marketers. “Our merchandise was successful this year because it connected with our audience… It unified us as marketers.”

This is probably why the mousepad with the saying “I’m a Marketer, not a Miracle Worker” was one of the best-selling items. “People wanted these items because the message told their story. Marketers can make some amazing things happen, but come on!” Corey laughed.

“Fortunately, we have fun brand and we’re able to do some edgier things,” she continued. “The buttons we created were very popular, too. Especially the B2B Badass one!”

B2B BadAss

"Yeah... That one was mine," says Corey. "But it's true. B2B marketing is typically not sexy. You have to be a badass to be effective!" Apparently many of the attendees agreed with this sentiment and purchased the Profs' merch. Corey says there are plans to make these items available online, so keep your eyes open!

As a bonus for the event attendees, MarketingProfs and ROBYN teamed up to provide attendees with the ultra-cool branded felt fedoras pictured above. Of course, being the smart, social marketers they are, attendees lit up Twitter and Instagram with countless photos of all the events using the #MPB2B hashtag. Check out the photo stream below...

#MPB2B on Instagram

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The MarketingProfs B2B Forum was an incredible event and ROBYN was proud to be a small part of it. Content creators, inbound marketing specialists, storytellers, all-star marketers and plenty of fun to go around. This is definitely our kind of event. “Just wait until next October,” says Ann. “We’re going to do it again!”  

MarketingProfs B2B Forum - just the facts:

  • 450+ attendees
  • 70+ cutting-edge speakers
  • 4 unique learning tracks
  • 32 presentations
  • One-on-one therapy sessions utilizing 10 distinct tactics
  • Peer-to-peer sessions
  • Luncheon roundtable discussions
  • A keynote from Baratunde Thurston
  • Networking and FUN