The #1 Rule for Company Store Success

The #1 Rule for Company Store Success

As you get closer to building your store, the decisions involved in creating your store are some of the most difficult aspects of the process. We have only one final word of encouragement for you as you build your program and it is the one priority that supersedes all in determining whether your store is successful: marketing.

Whether your store is new, you are revamping an old store or you are simply infusing an existing store with new products, you MUST market your store. Your initial launch will attract attention, but it’s what happens after your launch that is the most important. In 20 years of branded products management, we’ve discovered that if you will consistently market your store you will prevent your store from falling into disuse. “Marketing your store” sounds like a time commitment you were trying to get away from, but here’s the secret: 


Enlist your vendor to help market your store.  

This will reduce your time spent on thinking about it and it puts the vendor, who will reap the rewards, in a seat to ensure the store remains a success for you and your organization. If your vendor bears the responsibility for marketing the store, they can: 

  • Introduce new products
  • Help move inventory (reduce obsolescence)
  • Help keep the store "top of mind"
  • Minimize your administration (point people to the store, not your department!)

We hope this series of blog posts has been helpful in creating a successful store for your organization. If there is any issue you feel we have not covered sufficiently or if you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to assist in any way.

All our best for a very successful Company Store!

Sincerely,Bobby Lehew
Director of Operations
ROBYN Promotions 

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