The Art of Surprise & Delight

The Art of Surprise & Delight

ROBYN gift wrapping

Martha Stewart once said that the way a gift is wrapped is just as important as the gift itself. We couldn’t agree more!

At ROBYN, we strive each day to Surprise & Delight our clients, and one of the best ways we have found to do that is to not just give a gift, but to make it an event by wrapping the gift in beautiful papers and bows to make it truly special. And it works!

“We frequently provide door prize gifts at luncheons for business professionals and it’s amazing how many people say ‘This is so beautiful, I hate to open it!’ when they win a ROBYN gift,” laughed Brian Blake, Director of Marketing. “It makes a great first impression!”

Kelly Ruth, chief wrapping engineer at ROBYN, says she wraps about 20 packages a week on average just for ROBYN gifts. “We have so many different bags, boxes, ribbon and paper that all have the ROBYN logo and are color-coordinated in black, red and white. It’s really fun to put them together!”

Of course, this is a service ROBYN provides for clients as well. From dressing up invitations to match the theme of fundraising events to wrapping gifts that are a part of a company’s marketing campaign, the impact of a uniquely wrapped item cannot be beat.

“We never send an empty gift, either,” added Kelly. “When we’re sending travel mugs and tumblers, we always fill them with candy, pens… even t-shirts!”

Now, that is the way to completely Surprise & Delight your clients! Want to see for yourself? Just click here!