The Economical Company Store

The Economical Company Store

While ROBYN Promotions has the ability to build online company stores with every bell and whistle imaginable, some companies simply need a hassle-free solution for managing their company apparel. Enter the PDF Store.

pdf catalogs

ROBYN’s PDF Store provides a great way for clients to try out a company store and gauge participation from employees, sales people and distributors without spending a large amount of time or money. Plus, it’s easy for both users and the administrator.

ROBYN’s Company Store Team completely manages the process, from creating a custom catalog to working with you to select branded merchandise to warehousing the products and processing and shipping orders as they come in. The system is designed to let clients control as much or as little of the process as they like.

After experiencing first-hand the benefits of the PDF Store, many clients choose to upgrade to an Online Company Store… which is easy to do because the groundwork is already laid!

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