The Marketing Closet

The Marketing Closet

Whether your team calls it “the pit”, “the cage” or even “the dungeon”, it’s the place where you store your marketing materials – you know, the catalogs, brochures, sell sheets, branded clothes, tradeshow give-away items – the stuff you sweated over to create, the premium promo items you hid so you would have them when you needed them, your top-of-the-line tradeshow booth. All of it shoved into corners, left unaccounted for… and under-utilized.

And that’s the problem. You have great marketing materials. You and your team develop killer collateral; you just don’t have a good way to manage it all (because you’re busy marketing!). Maybe you need a professional, affordable way to manage your stuff so you know what you have, where it is and how to easily get it where you need it, when you need it. Maybe you need a Marketing Closet.

Basic Store 

ROBYN Promotions has been building and maintaining company stores for some major brands for over 20 years. With climate-controlled warehouses, managed inventory, a web interface for ordering materials and trackable shipping to any location, the ROBYN Company Store Solution is world-class. Now we are making these tools available to marketing departments of all sizes.

Chock full with many of the features of the biggest and baddest online company stores we’ve built, the Marketing Closet is a robust branded e-store at an incredibly low price: $250 for set-up and $50 per item that is added (which includes professional photography!). And, it’s built on the same dynamic engine as our advanced stores, which means:

  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase options
    • Coupon code
    • Points-based
    • Purchase Orders
    • Credit Cards

Plus, you can easily upgrade to completely custom-designed store (with all the bells and whistles you choose) down the road without having to start over. This makes it a low-risk way for you to try it out, kick the tires, and see how your team likes it before you put all your marketing materials in The Closet.

It’s so affordable and easy to use, in fact, that some of our clients use this tool for just a single annual event such as shirt and jacket give-aways to their employees. Instead of having their team manage hundreds of items in multiple sizes and colors, plus shipping them to different locations, The Marketing Closet takes care of all the details.


Talk with one of our experienced marketing consultants today about ways The Marketing Closet can help you get control of your stuff. And, we’ll hook you up with some great swag as well!