The Marketini: A Study in Style

The Marketini: A Study in Style

When it comes to planning, promoting and pulling off a stellar event, it’s hard to beat a bunch of top-notch marketers. However, even the savviest marketing professionals have a go-to company waiting in the wings that can help them create enough buzz to shake a city.

The Oklahoma City chapter of the American Marketing Association turned 50 this year, meaning it was established in 1962… The Mad Men era. In recognition of this milestone, the chapter wanted to throw an anniversary party and incorporate their annual Excellence in Marketing Awards as part of the event.

Historically, the awards program was a luncheon, but for an event of this magnitude – and style – only a jazzy nighttime celebration would hit the mark! And, a celebration like this needed its own unique name. Enter… The Marketini.

Armed with this information and direction, ROBYN joined forces with VI Marketing and Branding to develop the look and feel of The Marketini: cool, smooth, swanky and retro. In no time, VI created a logo that encompassed it all.

The Marketini

One of the chapter’s goals for The Marketini was to engage the Oklahoma City business community at large, not just members of AMA OKC. To help achieve this, ROBYN sourced beautiful martini sets, branded them with the new Marketini logo and sent them directly to marketing executives at 30 of the best-known brands in the metro. Their response was nothing short of incredulous. The chapter had certainly gained their attention… and set the tone for the rest of the campaign in the process.

Next came the custom Invitations / Call-for-Entries. The sourcing genies at ROBYN found plastic martini shakers that could be stuffed with an invitation, shrink-wrapped in clear plastic and mailed “as is” through the USPS. Of course, a plain ol’ invitation did not fit The Marketini motif, so VI designed a wide, art deco styled invitation that could be rolled up and held together with a branded cigar band.

ROBYN’s assembly team rolled over 500 of the stylish invitations, inserted them inside the plastic martini shakers, shrink-wrapped and labeled each one, then took them to the downtown post office to be sent to marketers and communicators across the state of Oklahoma.

By noon the next day, Twitter and Facebook were beginning to light up with mentions and pictures of the “awesome Marketini shakers”. And, being the socially adept marketers they are, the AMA OKC’s planning committee was quick to RT (re-tweet), Like and post these comments in a variety of creative ways. They were so effective, in fact, that ROBYN had to order more of the martini shakers to ensure they had enough to meet the incoming requests to be added to the list!

While the buzz about The Marketini continued to grow organically (and strategically), the AMA OKC’s planning committee worked with many generous sponsors to create an event no one would forget.

The event drew a record number of entries into the Excellence in Marketing Awards and over 120 attendees to The Marketini. Winners of each category of the competition went home with beautiful custom awards provided by ROBYN.

As the awards portion of the evening drew to a close (so that the real party could begin!), the crowd toasted everyone who participated in this night to remember. There were no losers on this special evening. Just attending The Marketini was a win!