The Mooretians Have Landed!

The Mooretians Have Landed!

Recycle Moore

One of the primary objectives of marketing is to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. So, how does one break through the ubiquitous images of leaves, trees and “follow-me” arrows to raise awareness about recycling? Easy. They hire someone like Trifecta Communications to take them to another level!

Taking a cue from retro sci-fi flicks, Trifecta crafted a campaign around the story of friendly visitors from another planet, the “Mooretians”, who land in Moore, OK, and need citizens’ recycled goods to power their ships and take them home.

The “Take Me to Your Litter” campaign was created to promote the City of Moore’s new recycling program and its new recycling center. The centerpiece of the campaign is a giant vinyl wrap around the iconic water tower at I-35 and Main Street. The tower, coincidentally, sits right above Moore’s new recycle center.

Trifecta called ROBYN Promotions to provide a unique and memorable item that would create conversation about the campaign, especially among teens and young adults. Working together, a custom tie-dyed wristband emblazoned with “LET’S TALK TRASH” and “RECYCLE MOORE” was designed. The wristbands are being handed out at selected City events and during classroom presentations by Recycle Center staff.

 “I’ve never seen anything like these wristbands, and the kids think they’re really cool,” said Mike Harlan, Recycle Moore program manager. “My only problem is that we don’t have more of them to give out!”

“We’ve created a number of things for this campaign, but the wristbands are one of the most memorable and visible of those components,” said Brian Wall, Trifecta Communications vice president of creative services.

The Recycle Moore campaign, which was funded by a federal grant, was recognized with a national Davey Award for eco/green initiatives.