The Smell of Summer... A Sonic Cherry Limeade

The Smell of Summer... A Sonic Cherry Limeade

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It’s been said that smell is the most powerful sense. Just one whiff of a familiar scent can bring back a wave of memories from the darkest recesses of your mind… And you can’t help it. It just happens.

Now that summer is officially here, some of the clever Sonic franchises in the Seattle area are tapping into the power of smell and their customers’ memories of the ‘almost official’ drink of summer… Sonic’s Cherry Limeade.

“The franchises were really under the gun,” said Jared Miller, an account executive at Third Degree who works with Sonic franchisees. “They knew they wanted cherry air fresheners for a community event that was coming up quickly and turned to us to make it happen!”

Third Degree teamed up with ROBYN to create what is possibly the best smelling promotional product to date… And the timing couldn’t be better, having met this year’s early summer solstice!

What’s even more fun is that these Sonic locations are also planning on inserting the air fresheners into random orders that go through their drive-thru. Not only will their die-cut Sonic Cherry Limeade air fresheners be hanging from the rear-view mirror as their customers hit the road this summer, it will also keep reminding them of just how tasty an ice cold Sonic drink is on a hot summer day.

Mmmm… The smell that sells. Now, THAT is smart marketing!