The Special Program Store

The Special Program Store

While ROBYN Promotions is adept at developing complex company store solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients, sometimes all you need is an easy-to-manage (and foolproof) way to distribute a special item to your employees… across the city or across the country. You need a Special Program Store.

Special Programs Store

This type of cost-effective solution not only ensures each employee receives exactly the item they requested, but it’s a hands-off, slam dunk for you! Sure, you have to approve the item and the artwork… but that’s it. We take it from there!

  • Who processes the orders? ROBYN!

  • Who ships everything? ROBYN!

  • Who takes the employees’ questions via phone or email? ROBYN!

  • Who looks like a genius? YOU!

Not only is this an easy program for you to manage, but it’s also inexpensive and quick to set up. In fact, many times, ROBYN absorbs the cost of the store! How quickly do you need it? How about next week?!

Just think, a week from now, YOU could be launching that humongous, dreaded program you’ve been avoiding… and end up looking like a rockstar before it’s all over. That’s the power of a Special Program Store. Let’s build one together!