The Sweet Taste of Success

The Sweet Taste of Success

Each year, around the middle of April, the air in Oklahoma City gets heavy… the wind changes direction… and a wave of anticipation spreads across the state. Oh, it’s not because of a tornado! It’s the excitement building for the AMAOKC’s annual Excellence in Marketing Awards, aka: The Marketini.

“The Marketini is more than just an awards program,” said Kevin Jessop, organizer of this year’s event. “It’s really a celebration of good marketing. As long as we’re going to celebrate, we thought we should make it a party. And, what’s better than an 80s theme for a party?!”

Chocolate embossed cd

Now in its third year, the AMAOKC has used creative themes to make each Marketini unique and meaningful. The first year was a salute to the chapter’s 50th anniversary with a nod to the Mad Men era. The next year, the chapter looked forward 50 years to a Brave New World. And now… the 80s?!

“Marketing in the 80s was bold and creative,” says Kevin. “Companies shifted from focusing on the function of a product or service to a more psychological approach: Look who you can be! The 80s were a pioneering time in music and fashion (dudes were wearing pink suits!). It was all about expressing yourself as a person and marketers tapped into this vein like never before."

That, and it was a great idea for a party!


Let’s not forget, though, that the Marketini is held each year to recognize the efforts of great marketers. “We had a record number of entries this year,” Kevin said, “with a lot of new companies. And, everyone has really stepped up their game! They made it tough for the judges to pick the winners this year. I can’t wait to see what happens next year!”

The crew from VI Marketing & Branding, dressed up as the
characters from Caddyshack, took home the top prize.

Of course, every great party has music to set the mood, and the Marketini was no exception. The SwagExperts at ROBYN Promotions teamed up with Loose Lid Creative to design the music-themed invitations: a chocolate cd embossed with the event name in a cd jewel box with liner notes as the actual invitation. And, it all looked like it was straight from MTV circa 1985. “The chocolate cd’s completely fit the vibe!” Kevin says.

Custom Invitation

So, now you’re probably craving some sweet 80s ear candy to feel the Marketini vibe. No problem. The organizers of the event also created a Marketini 2014 playlist on Spotify. Your totally tubular, pool-side party playlist goes from a-ha to ZZ Top (and everything in between)!

The AMAOKC is wrapping up their fiscal year on a high note with ROBYN's CEO and Chief Branding Officer, Bobby Lehew presenting "Lost on LinkedIn?". This is a first ever luncheon/lab where everyone is encouraged to bring a laptop

"Join us Thursday, June 12th, for this very special meeting where we’ll demystify LinkedIn and thereby boost your business and your career for a rocket-fueled future."

Come as a LinkedIn newbie, leave as a networking powerhouse!