The Value of Tradition

The Value of Tradition

Tradition. That word conjures up many different images, doesn’t it? During this time of year, tradition is probably most strongly associated with the holidays and celebrations with family and friends. But companies have traditions, too, and smart leaders know how to keep those traditions alive… even when one company acquires another.

About a decade ago, executives in the Texas offices of PBS&J wanted to give their construction crews a gift they would really appreciate. After kicking around a number of ideas, they settled on something they thought the guys would like and use… branded Mossy Oak camouflage ball caps. And they were right! Within a couple of years, branches all over the US were asking for the hats to give their crews, too. And, since Mossy Oak changes their patterns each year, the hats became an annual tradition for the company.

Last April, Atkins (an international engineering consultancy) acquired PBS&J in an effort to grow their local presence in the US. Although Atkins had never put their name on camo hats, they understood the importance of continuing the tradition PBS&J had started with their crews many years before. Atkins worked with ROBYN to create their own branded version of the camouflage hat and put it on their online company store. And, as expected, it’s a hit, too!

 Branded Camo Hat

Traditions aren’t created overnight. Whether it’s the traditions surrounding your family holiday celebrations or the traditions you create within your company, they take time and effort. In the end, though, traditions unite people… and that's what makes them so valuable.

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