The Way You Look Counts!

The Way You Look Counts!

This week, members of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce will be traveling to Louisville, KY, for the 2012 American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) convention. They aren’t going alone, though. They are taking 800 pieces of enticement with them to show chamber members from across the country why they should attend the 2013 convention… in Oklahoma City!

cleaning cloth

“This is a very high profile organization,” said Elisa Milbourn, Communications Manger for the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We’re excited to host the convention next year and show them what we have going on in OKC!”

To help promote the 2013 event, the OKC CVB worked with ROBYN to create a high-quality microfiber screen cleaner with a beautiful image of the OKC skyline on it to be included in the welcome bags of every guest at the conference next week. This is a great way to “show” people how beautiful Oklahoma City is on an item that they are sure to keep around.

“We liked this product so much that we are ordering another batch for our sales team to use when speaking with other professional groups about hosting their events in Oklahoma City,” said Elisa.

The OKC CVB expects the three-day convention to bring about 1,000 visitors to the city next July, which translates into roughly 2,400 hotel room nights being booked at area hotels. Factor in the cost of meals and transportation for this many people and it’s easy to see the importance of showcasing the city in the best light.

Image counts.

OKC Skyline