This one's for you, Coach.

This one's for you, Coach.

From scouting next week’s opponent to reviewing last night’s performance, from pushing seniors to be leaders to recruiting next year’s freshmen, and blowing their whistles ten thousand times per year, the life of a coach is hard. It takes a special kind of dedication. It’s a commitment that encompasses virtually every aspect of the coach’s life. And it’s nice every once in a while to stop and say, “Thanks, Coach.” That’s exactly what the East Central University’s Athletic Department did.

 personalized padfolio

“We gave all our full-time coaches this beautiful padfolio as a Christmas gift this year,” said Marianne Reeves, Athletic Operations Manager / Senior Woman Administrator at ECU. “They were all thrilled with it!” Marianne worked with ROBYN to find something that was nice, but also very useful. “We’ve done a variety of things in the past – pull-overs, shirts… that kind of thing. This was by far the most popular item ever, though,” she said.

high end folio

Funded through the East Central University Foundation, Inc., the gift giving didn’t stop with the coaches. “We gave all our corporate sponsors ECU umbrellas,” said Marianne. “Ironically, it was during the three or four days that we actually had rain in December, so it was perfect timing!”

 logo umbrella

Perfect timing. Giving the right gift to the right person at the right time. Coaches who will use their branded padfolios on their next recruiting trip… sponsors who will use their branded umbrellas on their way to the next rainy home game… and magical moments that were created by smart, practical thinking by the Athletics department. Yep. That’s perfect timing.