Three Pillars for a Successful Online Company Store

Three Pillars for a Successful Online Company Store

Life moves fast, and in the Digital Age, business moves even faster. Smart marketers know they need an organized, managed system for keeping collateral ready to use at the click of a button. They need an online company store.

While the concept of this “marketing closet” sounds like a marketer’s dream, often times marketers are afraid of what is involved in building their own. ROBYN Promotions has been building and managing company stores for over 20 years and would like to share 3 critical insights for developing a marketing products management system.

1. Promotional Products: Define Your Core

A quick online search for promotional products provides thousands of items you can put your logo on, but that doesn’t mean you should! When we begin working on a branded company store with a new client, we start by analyzing what has worked for the company in the past to get a feel for their culture. “After doing some research, we are able to suggest other products that might also be effective for them,” says Sara Janzen, a Client Care Specialist at ROBYN.

Your company is unique and you need a selection of products and a branded merchandise store that reflects who you are. Our research team works with you to create items that are distinctive and reflects your brand and message. Over the years, however, we have identified several core categories of products that work well for most companies and we encourage new clients to carry items in these categories that fit their culture and the message they want to communicate. Some of these categories include: writing instruments, drinkware, hats, golf shirts, dress shirts, jackets, padfolios, desktop items and usb drives.

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2. Designing Your Company Store

Over our 20+ years, we have worked with a wide variety of companies, each with their own unique needs and goals for their branded e-store. ROBYN offers companies of all sizes several packages with a wide assortment of options to build a system that best fits their needs. Each company store is built on the same platform, so upgrading from a basic store to a custom store as your needs change can be done without starting from scratch.


ROBYN’s basic store quickly provides an effective tool for you to manage your marketing collateral through a clean, easy-to-navigate interface that is branded with your logo. For companies who require a custom design, additional reporting features, support of multiple brands, customized print solutions, video tutorials and other advanced features, an advanced store can be developed to meet your specific needs.

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3. Unveiling Your New Branded Merchandise Store

Once all the components are in place and your marketing collateral management system has been thoroughly tested, it’s time to invite your audience to try it out. We have found these three steps work extremely well:

  • Communication – Tell your audience what you have built and how it is going to help them. Often times, our clients ask ROBYN to manage an email campaign through the store itself to invite users to try the new e-store.
  • Incentivize your team – The most effective way to get users to go through an entire transaction on the new site is to give them free company swag or a discount on their first purchase. Whether it’s unique coupon codes, a points system or money in their accounts, ROBYN can manage the entire program for you.
  • Ask for feedback – We have found that when employees feel like part of the program, they are more supportive of it. Plus, they often times have great ideas for additional products or features that will make the store more useful.

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Developing a successful system for managing your marketing collateral requires a commitment to seeing it through, planning for the many ways it can serve your audience and an experienced partner who understands your needs and can provide solutions. For more information about the ROBYN Company Store Solution, please contact one of our experts at 877.211.9711.